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Zoomer Visuals

Zoomer Visuals was founded in 2015 by Daniel Diaz, a passionate videographer with a background and education in business development. Our goal is to help our customers express themselves audiovisually using modern style, cinematic design and the latest technology.

We understand that professionalism, creativity and attention to detail are key to creating modern and dynamic AV solutions.

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Producer and creator of audiovisual content after several years in the corporate world and advertising for social networks. 

Originally from Colombia and living in Quebec for more than 10 years, Daniel studied Media Technology Media for Film and TV at O’Sullivan College in Montreal. In 2015, he entered the world of cinema by participating as a production assistant on some films. In 2016, with his passion for creation and the goal of creating stories, he created his own company called: Zoomer Visuals, with which he offers audiovisual content, internet advertising, events and services for local businesses. 

In 2017, he directed his first short film: AntiReflet. Later in 2019, he participated as an assistant director in a tourist documentary in the Dominican Republic and in 2021 released his second short film: The Session, which was selected for 6 film festivals, obtaining a screening at the Latin Arte 2022 festival, in the city of Montreal. 

Today, Daniel continues his creative career at Zoomer Visuals as a Producer and Senior Videographer looking for new challenges and stories to tell.

Daniel Diaz Sanchez

Manager - Filmmaker

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